The Company's proposed investing policy is to invest in and/or acquire companies and/or projects within the natural resources sector, with potential for growth or value creation.

For those projects that offer substantial growth opportunity the Company will seek a controlling interest and maintain a medium to long term investment view.  We intend to manage these projects through the Company’s Direct Investment Division where we will take an active role in the projects and drive them along the value chain creating long term shareholder value. 

Those projects that offer value creation opportunities will be managed through the Company’s Indirect Investment Division.  Through this Division, we will invest in privately owned projects that can be structured, packaged and then listed on a major and relevant stock exchange.  The Company will invest directly in some of these opportunities and will earn fees, payable in shares, upon delivering pre-determined milestones in relation to the listing.

Direct Investments

Creating long term shareholder value through the progression of majority owned assets along the value chain.



Palomino Cobalt,

The Company has two exploration license applications in progress, covering two different project areas, namely Palomino and Palomino North. The Company has the right to acquire 100% of both projects from our Australian partner, upon successful granting of the respective exploration licenses. Palomino Project: License: E46/1167, Application for exploration license has now granted by the Western Australia Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Whilst the Company originally submitted the applications with a cobalt focus, and cobalt remains a key target metal for both projects, due to their geographic location within the Pilbara region of Western Australia, the application areas may also be prospective for gold. As a number of companies are reported to have discovered potentially significant gold bearing conglomerates elsewhere in this largely underexplored region.

The extent of interest in this region is demonstrated by the fact that in respect of Palomino North, we have been notified, that another mineral company has submitted an application for the same exploration ground as the Company, on the same day we submitted application, and thus MetalNRG’s partner will now be entering into a ballot to determine which party successfully secures the application.

In the interim MetalNRG is conducting initial work to assess gold prospectivity on the licenses alongside cobalt prospectivity.


E46/1167 represents an area covering ten graticular blocks or circa 31.9 square kilometres of ground;

The Palomino Cobalt Project is an exploration block of circa 32 square kilometres in Western Australia covered by exploration licence applications. The ground is prospective for cobalt and with significant evidence of cobalt mineralization from surface based exploration work and notably stream sediment sampling.


Kamushanovskoye Uranium Project ,

  • Peat hosted uranium oxide deposit with near-term, near-surface, low-cost, ISR production potential.
  • Under Option Agreement with USA incorporated owners International Mining Company Invest Inc (“IMC”).
  • JORC compliant Uranium Resource:
    • Indicated: 3.657 M lbs U3O8 @ 0.011% (0.0% cut-off) (2.103 M lbs. U3O8 @ 0.056% with 0.024% U3O8 cut-off)
    • Inferred: 1.854 M lbs. U3O8  @ 0.015% (0.0% cut-off) (1.546 M lbs. U3O8 @ 0.067%, with  0.024% U3O8 cut-off)
    • Total: 5.512 M lbs. U3O8  (Indicated & Inferred) would have an equivalent value  $ 151 M at 17 September 2018 spot price $27.40/lb U3O8
    • Conceptual exploration target of an additional 1.9 to 2.6 Mt of peat ranging 0.028 to 0.093 % U3O8 (U3O8 % = U% x 1.79)
  • Infrastructure around the project includes 12-month road access, electricity and water supplies. 48km from capital Bishkek and 95km from Karabalta uranium processing plant.
  • Trial production (2015) shows ISR mining technology (in situ leaching by Na2CO3 soda ash) as most favourable method of safely and economically recovering the uranium. Yellow cake successfully produced.
  • ISR by soda ash will extract Uranium with no negative impact to environment. Use of soda ash permitted under Kyrgyz law.
  • Significant exploration upside exists through drilling of adjacent prospective peat beds in the near vicinity of the current Resource.

Uranium Pilot Test Summary
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Uranium Financial Summary
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Indirect Investments

Investing in privately owned projects, to which value can be added through access to pre IPO funding, coordination to enable successful, time effective and cost efficient listing on a main stock market, earning fees, payable in shares, and investing directly, if appropriate, and crystallizing profits when the new entity is listed.

Cobra Resources

A Private company to be listed on the London stock exchange, as a cash shell seeking investments in the natural resources sector. MetalNRG will be paid fees upon successful IPO, payable in shares in Cobra Resources. MetalNRG to earn a 3.9% interest in the company.