Investing Policy

The Company's proposed investing policy is to invest in and/or acquire companies and/or projects within the natural resources sector, with potential for growth or value creation.

For those projects that offer substantial growth opportunity the Company will seek a controlling interest and maintain a medium to long term investment view, while those that offer value creation opportunities, we will seek to list on an appropriate exchange and crystallize value in the short term. The opportunities will be managed in one of the two divisions that the company has created: Direct Investment Division and Indirect Investment Division.

The Company's Direct Investment Division will have majority investments, board control and add value to the projects that it invests in. We intend to take an active role in these projects and will drive them along the value chain creating long term shareholder value.

The Company's Indirect Investment Division will invest in privately owned projects that can be structured, packaged and then listed on a major and relevant stock exchange. The Company's role will be to coordinate and facilitate the Pre-IPO funding and the IPO process, making sure the appropriate advisors are in place to deliver the IPO in a cost and time efficient manner. MetalNRG will invest directly in some of these opportunities, will earn fees, payable in shares, upon delivering pre-determined milestones. MetalNRG can have minority stakes in projects and will be able trade the shares as it sees fit. It is anticipated that our Indirect Investment Division will generate profits in the future which will enable payment of dividends to shareholders.

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