Share Capital Structure

Key Information

ISIN: GB00B15FS791
Exchange: NEX
Par: 0.01p
Inst Type: ORD
Symbol: MNRG
MiFID Status: MTF
Securities in issue: 135,859,271
Sector: Financial Services

Directors' and Other Substantial Shareholdings:

80,191,561 shares held in public hands representing 59.03% of issued share capital.

Name Number of Ordinary Shares  % of Issued Share Capital
Christopher Latilla-Campbell (Chairman)(*) 29,540,442 21.74%
Paul Johnson (CEO) 14,513,634 10.68%
Gervaise Heddle (NED) 9,513,634 7.00%
Christian Schaffalitzky 2,100,000 1.55%
Total director holdings 55,667,710 40.97%

(*) Christopher Latilla-Campbell’s interests includes 21,250,000 shares held by Somers Investments Limited, in whose shares he is deemed to be interested, as he is a potential beneficiary of a discretionary trust which controls it.


Outstanding Director Options:

Expiring 7 November 2019: Number of Share Options Option Exercise Price
Paul Johnson (CEO)    4,500,000 0.75p
Christopher Latilla-Campbell (Chairman) 14,513,634 0.75p
Christian Schaffalitzky (Non-Executive Director) 





Expiring 15 March 2020:    
Gervaise Heddle  3,000,000 0.5p

Outstanding Warrants:

Expiring 30th September 2019:

29,500,000 warrants to acquire new ordinary shares at 1.0p per share.

Effect of option and warrant exercise:

Should all options and warrants outlined above be exercised the Company will receive  additional funds of £383,750 and the fully diluted shares in issue will total 178,359,271 shares.